WEEK 3: The week of april 16th

Review grid n1 & n2, in class assignment.


Project 1: Multi-column grids is due. Class review of work.


Introduce Project 2. Setting up your document, master pages, margins, and footers.


Homework: Experimenting with Hierarchical and multi-column grids

Part 1: Bring in your favorite magazine, a pencil, and 6 differently colored pencils (or crayons or markers).

Part 2: You will be creating a 6 page magazine article (5 pages for the article and one full-page ad) for a fictitious magazine. Your project will be due the week of May 14th.

You will be choosing one of the three given topic options for subject matter/text.

What will be due the week 7, the week of May 14th:
A print out of your 6 page article (in reader spreads) and a composite PDF which includes the following:
• Your article layout & ad with underlying grid showing
• Your final article layout & ad WITHOUT the grid showing

1. Set up a six page document (InDesign: facing pages, Start page # 2) : Page size — 8.375” x 10.875” with .125” bleeds.

2. Create an expressive headline for the opening spread (first 2 pages). Your headline should command attention and make people want to read the article. Your headline should be type based and take up at least 1/4 of the 2 page spread. You may use photography or illustration but the type must lead the design. (Use a hierarchical grid)

3. The second page of your 2 page spread should be the beginning text of your article (roughly 3-6 paragraphs depending on the length of the paragraphs).

4. Pages 3-6 should contain the rest of the article (using a multi-column grid) and one full page ad, using a manuscript grid (we will be working on the ad later on in the quarter, so for now, just place a big grey box on the page where your ad will be located).

For next week: Focus ONLY on the first opening spread of your article. This spread will be using a combination of columnar and hierarchical grid structures. Keep your mind open to using custom lettering or adapting letterforms. Pay attention to potential alignments between your text and your image, positioning/grouping, and scale relationships. Strengthen your hierarchy and emphasis through micro-typography choices: size(s)/nesting type, case (upper/lower), style, weight, letterspacing/kerning/tracking, and leading and line length.

Next week, we will be having a work-in-progress review for your article's opening spread.

Files for Project 2:

Choose one of the 3 given topics and choose only one of the ads for your magazine layout.
Project 2


Recommended viewing:
Magazine lettering projects (video)
Magazine Demo (PDF file)

“How to” files:
Setting up your typographic space in Indesign (PDF file)