Week 2: Oct 1ST Oct 5th
The language of design

In class:

This week we'll be learning some of the terminology and language of design by looking at work by Armin Hoffman. Then we'll review the design process and how to successfully evaluate and critique design work. Feedback for your 2"x2" shapes and 10"x10" compositions will follow.


Principles of gestalt presentation followed by show and tell of student work using gestalt as inspiration for their projects.


Homework—Project 1 continued:

Refine and finish your 10” x 10” compositions. Then generate a new composition inspired by gestalt. The final composition will be11” X 17”.

11” x 17” composition: Direct the viewer's eyes. Modify your compositions from last week by using some of the following ideas: adjust the figure/ground relationship, play with symmetry/asymmetry, closure, proximity, similarity. Use any of the rules of gestalt to inspire your creativity. Try cropping or enlarging parts of your composition to help you find a solution.Then add one color and text (using words like Slow Motion or Visual Focus) to direct the eye and describe the composition. Experiment with warm or cool color palettes. Finished work is due next class for presentations and critique.

Last week's project (including the 2x2 shape) and this week's project should be mounted on a 15” x 20” black boards (use the front and the back of the boards, if needed). Click here to see how to mount your work.



Required reading:
16 Designer Job Descriptions (site)
Agency Breakdown (PDF file)

Salary guide (pdf file)

Recommended reading:
Landa Chapter 1 & 2 (To read just the chapter notes click here)
Gestalt Presentation (PDF file)

The Designer's Guide to Gestalt Psychology (site)


"How to" files:
Loading fonts in Suitcase (PDF file)
How to mount your Project 1 for presentations next week. (PDF file)




Elements of Design (PDF file)

Gestalt Presentation (PDF file)

Armin Hoffman (PDF file)

Edward Fella & Paula Scher (PDF file)

Ji Lee (PDF file)

Chermayeff & Geismar (PDF file)

Saul Bass (PDF file)

Multiple Designers (PDF file)



Syllabus (PDF file)

Anatomy of letters (PDF)

Critique Guide (PDF file)

Typeface choices (PDF file)

Logo Process (PDF file)

Chapter 1 & 2 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 3 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 4 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 5 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 6 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 7 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 8 Outline (PDF file)



Using the Classroom Scanner (PDF file)

How to Survive Critique

Critique Guide (PDF file)

Prepping your 2x2 shape

Printing b&w and color (PDF file)

Loading fonts into Suitcase (PDF file)



Anatomy of letters

Pentagram site (Paula Scher)

Paula Scher video

Edward Fella site (Personal site)

Ji Lee (Personal Site)

Ji Lee - Word As Image

Visual Words/Wordmarks

Chermayeff & Geismar

Frida Clements

Invisible Creature

Emory Douglas

Jeff Kleinsmith / Patent Pending industries

Jessie LeDoux / LeDouxville

Sasha Barr

Gail Anderson

Gig Posters

American Poster Institute

13 African American Graphic Designers You Should Know, Part 1

13 African American Graphic Designers You Should Know, Part 2

Kenya Hara

Saki Mafundikwa

Jessica Walsh

AIGA symbol sets



Cooper Sinai-Yumker

Gabriel Herrin

Yasu Fukada

Janell Langford

Jessica Ornelas

Sam To

Jake Breish

Annette Borowski

Peter Wogstad

Nathaniel Bergstein

McKenna Nicole Green

Wynn Adele Barnard