WEEK 4: The week of april 23rd

In class Indesign demo:
Setting columns and gutters. Flowing in body text. Blocking out text and image areas.

Click here for InDesign thredded text demo document


In class/homework assignment — Magazine multipage grid layouts
You will be given grid sheets with 6 columns grids. Using the first 24 spreads of your favorite magazine, block out these important features on your grid with colored pencils: headlines, body text, images. Try to figure out underlying grid system/patterns that arise in your magazine layout. Bring the finished in class assignment to next weeks class.

Project 2: Peer-to-peer feedback. Small groups feedback sessions.




Revise your opening spread design based off of in-class feedback. Work on your letter, word and line spacing for your headline and subheads. Work on your word & paragraph spacing and line lengths for your body text. Remember to fix any rivers, orphans, widows, rags, and/or justification issues. Once your opening spread looks good, flow in the body text for this article!

Design the remaining pages for your article. (Skip the ad page for now)

Print out a color copy (reader spreads) for review next week.


“How To” files Mandatory :

Setting up a baseline grid (YouTube)