WEEK 7: The week of May 14th

Project 2: Expressive typography, manuscript, hierarchical, and multi-grid practice project due. Class review of work.


Samples will be shown for modular and linear grids.

In-class demonstration: Making modular grids.
Three InDesign techniques will be shown to generate modular grids.


Homework: Experimenting with Modular and/Or Linear Grids

The goal of this assignment will be to experiment with modular grids and/or linear grids in order to design a one sheet.

The final deliverable for this project will be due the week of June 11th. Your deliverable will include a printed, folding dummy of your design, a one page (NON CODED MOCK UP) micro-site, and a composite PDF which includes:

• Your sketches

• Your final design, reader spread by reader spread

• Your final design with your underlying grid structure visible.

• A one page microsite using a modular grid

Choose only one of the subjects for your design project.

Part 1: Review your audience and project specs. Read through the copy.

Part 2: Create a few paper folding dummies and block out the information for each spread in sketch form only on your folding dummies using modular and/or linear grids as the underlying structure for your design. Solve hierarchy, grouping, scale and position issues in sketch form.

Part 2: Choose your favorite layout sketch and bring it to the computer.

For next week: Bring in your all of your rough sketches. Print out your work-in-progress design — it doesn't have to look pretty/perfect at this point. We'll have lab time to work on it during class next week.

Files for Project 3:

Click here to choose one of the 4 given topics.
Project 3

Required reading:

The Grid (pdf)
Eight tips for combining typefaces (adobe site)

Four techiques for combining fonts

Recommended reading:

Cullen 52–71, Samara p 33–70 (Sample grids and projects)
Seven typographic resources, and one type joke (site)

Just my type — A collection of font pairings from Typekit (site)

Cullen 72–115, Samara p 71–90
Choosing Typefaces 1 (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces 2 (Especially Choosing Typefaces 2) (pdf)
Choosing Typefaces 3 (pdf)

Check out The Big Book of Font Combinations (PDF file) from Jill's Files Lessons Folder.

“How To” files:

Typography skills:
Chapter 5: Using Find/Change to clean up text (Lynda.com)

Look at these sites:










In class: Grid Exercise n.1

In class: Grid Exercise n.2

In class: Grid Exercise n.3

In class: Type Combinations Groups

In class: Style Sheets

In class: Tables and Forms



Types of Grids (pdf)

Grid Layout Restraint (pdf)

The Grid (pdf)


Brainstorming Techniques (pdf)

Style Board Template (.indt file)


Choosing Typefaces 1 (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces 2 (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces 3 (pdf)


Classic Serifs (pdf)

Classic San Serifs (pdf)


Setting typographic space — Indesign (pdf)

Kerning/Leading Key Commands (pdf)

Indesign key commands (jpg)


Letter Spacing (pdf)

Measurements (pdf)

Punctuation (pdf)


34 Typographic Sins (pdf)

Creating InDesign Grid Thumbnails (pdf)


Binding Styles and Brochure Folds (pdf)

Paper Folds (pdf)

Imposition (pdf)


Paragraph & Character Styles (pdf)


Indesign tips and tricks (pdf)

Things to check in your file (pdf)

Designer's Toolbox


Table tips and tricks (pdf)

Printing a booklet to the Docucolor (pdf)



Chapter 4: Leading

Chapter 5: Kerning and Tracking

Chapter 6: Small But Important Details

Chapter 7: Alignment

Chapter 7: Understanding the Paragraph and Single-Line Composer


Chapter 8: Alternative Brochure Styles

Chapter 1: Under Document Essentials >> Determining the Number of Columns, Sketching Thumbnails, and Blocking out areas of content

Chapter 3: Under Creating a Document >> Only Setting the Margin and Column Guides

Chapter 4: Under Managing Pages >>
Changing Page Size

079 Using ruler guides: 10 great tricks (Lynda.com)


Chapter: Using Find/Change to clean up text


Chapter 1: Paragraph and character styles

Chapter 2: Styles In Depth — The first 6 videos — up through Using nested line styles


030 Making Professional Drop Caps

Entire Chapter 8: Indents and Spacing

Chapter 14: Margins, Columns and Grids

Chapter 9: Breaking and non-breaking lines, paragraphs, columns, and pages

Chapter 7:Working with vertical alignment


Indesign Tables In Depth (Lynda.com)


The 3 x 4 Grid

The Grid System

Grid Based

Explorations in Typography





Mood Boards: Dressing for different...

How to Create Mood Boards: 30 Expert Tips


Color / Trend Forecasting: Pantone

Color / Trend Forecasting: Franklin Till

Color: Kuler


Color Fun 1: Color Scheme Designer

Color Fun 1 Pantonism

Color Fun 1: Plenty of Colour

Color Fun 1: Color Collective


Mohawk Paper

French Paper

Neenah Paper

Reich Paper

GF Smith

Paper: Kelly Paper

Folding Brochure Sizes


Eight tips for combining typefaces

Four techiques for combining fonts

7 typographic resources, and 1 type joke

Just my type — A collection of font pairings from Typekit