Week 9 – The week of March 4th – March 8th: Typographic Sins

In class

Lecture: Typographic Sins, punctuation and the small but important details.

In-class exercise 1: Download this file and we'll work together on a few microtype details.


In-class exercise 2: Open up your Zodiac file from last week. Switch files with a quad mate and discover/fix any typographic sins. Use the typographic sins pdf and the spacing checklist pdf below to help find microtype issues and refine their Zodiac exercise.

Here are the files you might need for this In-Class assignment:

Zodiac Horoscopes.zip

Typographic Sins.pdf

Paragraph Alignment Spacing Checklist.pdf



Share your mood board, creative brief and 30 second sound clip with your quad mates. Give each other feedback and advice about the tone/look/type choices for the mood board in relation to the creative brief and sound byte.

Small feedback groups.




Bring your creative brief, moodboard, sound clip, and print out of your album to class next week. (Use the HPs and the Docucolor. Don’t use the oversized printers for this weeks comps) Possible cross critique with other first year class or second years next week.


Required reading:
34 Typographic Sins (pdf file)
Microtypography, part 3 Punctuation (PDF file)

“How to” files:
Microtype Checklist.pdf
Paragraph Indents (InDesign file)

Leading — Entire Chapter Section (Lynda.com)

Alignment — Entire Chapter Section (Lynda.com)




Type History & Type Classifications (pdf)

Creative Brief Lecture (pdf)

Modifying Type Lecture (pdf)

Letter Spacing (pdf)

Measurements (pdf)

Punctuation (pdf)

General Overview: Choosing Typefaces (pdf)

A Closer Inspection: Choosing Typefaces (pdf)

Subtle Details: Font Combinations (pdf)

Practical Advice for Chosing Typefaces (pdf)

Things to look for in Body Text and things to look for in Headlines (pdf)



Type Classification (pdf)

Letter Anatomy Cheat Sheet (pdf)

Letters Anatomy Definitions (pdf)

Drawing Letters (pdf)

Identifying Type (pdf)

Classic Serifs (pdf)

Classic San Serifs (pdf)


Creative Brief Template (pdf)

Creative Brief/Design Brief (pdfs)

Creative Brief AIGA sample (pdf)

Venn Diagram (pdf)

Brainstorming Techniques (pdf)

Style/Concept Board Template (.indt file)

50 sketches (pdf)


Elements of an identity dissected...

How to choose typography for a brand...


Designing Type (book)

Type: A Visual History (book)


Spacing (pdf)

Kerning/Leading Key Commands (pdf)


Setting up typographic space–Indesign (pdf)

Common Ad Sizes (pdf)


19 Top Fonts in 19 Top Combinations (pdf)

Font Combinations (pdf)


34 Typographic Sins (pdf)



Typographer's Glossary

Type Glossary

American Alphabet


16th Century Letterpress Printing

Typography that works: Ellen Lupton

Mood Boards: Dressing for different...

Logo Lounge

60 Minimal Logo Designs


Types of type


Type design trends

Typewolf recommendations

10 Type trends for 2019

Type trends for web design


Under Consideration

Wordmark (view your loaded fonts)

What the font

Font Matherator

Font Squirrel



CounterSpace Type Timeline

Garamond Variety 2

How to Spot Arial


Adobe Capture App
Scanner Pro App


Typeface Design Resources & Tutorials

List of type designers

Early Typographers

8 famous fonts and the designer who made them



Alex Trochut

Jon Contino

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische and Erik Marinovich —
Title Case Video

Dana Tanamachi

Louise Fili

Joel Felix

Craig Ward

Simon Walker

Mary Kate McDevitt

Doyald Young

Doyald Young Video

Erik Marinovich

Jeff Rogers

Letman: Job Wouters

Margo Chase

Margo Chase Video

Carolyn Sewell

Sebastian Lester

André Beato

There is

Design Sponge

Letter Cult

Better Letters

Hand Lettering Club




Doyald Young

Laura Worthington

Misprinted Type



Lost Type



Type Kit


Kerning Practice (site)

Shaping Type Practice (site)

InDesign Typography (Lynda.com course)


I love typography






Type Worship

80 Beautiful Typefaces...

Design is History

8 Faces

Font Police


The Font Feed

Design Boom


Brand New

Business Cards

Card Observer


Metrix Create Space Laser Cutter Specs

Metrix Create Space


The Dieline

Packaging of the World

Packaging Design Archive

Packaging of the World Pinterest

Packaging Design Served

Lovely Package